Cuộc Đào Tẩu Khỏi Căn Cứ Của Bọn Phát Xít – Metro Last Light Redux – Tập 2 | metro last light รีวิว

Cuộc Đào Tẩu Khỏi Căn Cứ Của Bọn Phát Xít – Metro Last Light Redux – Tập 2

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Cuộc Đào Tẩu Khỏi Căn Cứ Của Bọn Phát Xít - Metro Last Light Redux - Tập 2

Metro: Last Light PC Game Review

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Metro: Last Light is a singleplayer, postapocalypticthemed, firstperson shooter video game with stealth and survival horror elements. It was developed by Ukrainian studio 4A Games and published by Deep Silver for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2013. A remastered version of the game was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in August 2014 as Metro: Last Light Redux within the Metro Redux package.
A sequel to the video game Metro 2033, its story follows Artyom, a Ranger living in Moscow’s metro system after a destructive nuclear war. Tasked with finding the mysterious Dark Ones, Artyom must venture to different parts of the metro system, and the surface filled with radiated gases, and fight against different factions and mutated monsters. The game improves on various gameplay mechanics of 2033, and introduces elements such as refined stealth and weapon customization. To help players immerse themselves further into the game’s world, the headup display is minimized, and the game relies on Artyom’s equipment and numerous cues to provide information to players.
Developed by a team of about 80 people, Last Light is not a video game adaptation of the novel Metro 2034. Instead, it is a direct sequel to 2033, with franchise creator Dmitry Glukhovsky writing the game’s dialogue and main story outline. One of the key focuses was to refine 2033. As a result, changes were made to the game’s animation system, artificial intelligence, and gunplay. Multiplayer modes were planned but were eventually scrapped in order to focus on singleplayer, which the developers hoped would \”rekindle memories of HalfLife 2\”. Originally set to be published by THQ, which provided a very limited budget for the game’s development, Koch Media acquired it after THQ’s bankruptcy. A Wii U version was planned but was ultimately cancelled.
The game received generally positive reviews from critics. Praise was focused largely on its atmosphere, world design, tone, graphics, and gameplay, while criticism was directed particularly at the artificial intelligence and technical issues. The preorder bonus Ranger mode, marketed as the definitive way of playing the game, triggered controversy. The game was a commercial success, with its firstweek retail sales in the US surpassing the lifetime retail sales of 2033. It was supported by downloadable content upon launch. The game was not novelized, the storylines unite within the book Metro 2033 by Glukhovsky as Metro 2035.

Metro: Last Light PC Game Review

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Обзор Метро 2033: Луч надежды [Metro: Last Light Review]

Долгожданное продолжение хитовой отечественной игры попало под наши пристальные взгляды, что вылилось в большое количество посвященных проекту материалов на нашем сайте. Пришло время както подытожить.

Обзор Метро 2033: Луч надежды [Metro: Last Light Review]

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