The Sims 5 – Everything We Know (2021) | the sim 5

The Sims 5 – Everything We Know (2021)

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The Sims 5 is an upcoming life simulation video game that is developed by Maxis and published by EA. I already made a video covering everything we know about The Sims 5 back in December of 2020, and since then more news has come out about the title. If you are interested in that video watch that first and consider this a part 2. Let’s breakdown the new job posting, interviews from EA, and the EA Play Live.

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00:49 Job Listings
07:35 Interview
09:53 EA Play Live

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The Sims 5 - Everything We Know (2021)

THE SIMS 5 | Release Date, Leaks \u0026 Rumors | Everything We Know

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Here’s, everything We know about EA’s highly anticipated \”THE SIMS 5\” including of it’s Release Date, Gameplay n Rumors. Make sure to check back as we’ll be updatin’ our channel soon, as soon as more information get revealed from Developer(s).

THE SIMS 5 | Release Date, Leaks \u0026 Rumors | Everything We Know

♦ Sims 1 – Sims 2 – Sims 3 – Sims 4: School – Evolution

Hey! Been a while and I’m sure everyone can’t wait to be done with school but here we are. This is a brief take on the evolution of school in The Sims and ohh boy, is school very complex. There’s lots of little aspects I didn’t include here and I’m sure you’re all gonna tell me stuff I didn’t know but I think I covered the basics well enough.
So what’s your take on school? It’s one of those things I’m almost sure every player experiences at some point and to me it was always kinda like the background thing, I’m always busier making the kids learn skills so I learned a few things here and there.

My opinion?
Sims 1 is just the base, as always, I feel like it was the hardest and the easiest at the same time just because of how easy it is to earn and lose grades, as far as gameplay goes it’s…there.
Sims 2 having weekdays and homework made the whole difference, kids actually take breaks and the player is more involved with school work, as far as extras go, I loved private school, it doesn’t do much but it’s a fun minigame which I always played.
Sims 3, or I should say generations, was quite packed with content, most of it is a little shallow cause half of the cool stuff they introduced like proms, pranks and graduations, are just things that are hidden inside a rabbithole, but hey, it’s still nice. On a little note, the grounded feature is broken and I don’t understand why they didn’t fix it… at least in my game?
Sims 4 to me is a clear downgrade so far, maybe it’s because of my first impression which was them taking the iconic bus out, but it’s been almost 7 freaking years and the school experience has barely been improved, you can gain values while at school with parenthood, the addition of school projects was very cool, I like that they ask you to get new skills cause it can be useful later on and I obviously love that kids who did better can start a career at a higher level, but everything else? It’s just alright.
So in this my order goes Sims 3, Sims 2, Sims 4 and Sims 1 just because of the extra features, the core gameplay is very similar in most games if you ask me, but that’s just my opinion. Let me know what you think and I’ll see you on the next one, I’m still debating if it will be Gnomes or something else.

The fly guy Park Maintenance Promenade
The fly guy Summer Strolls
The fly guy Farewell Mr Cloud
Birdies Sweet Sweet Honey
The fly guy Three Miles North of Cairo

♦ Sims 1 - Sims 2 - Sims 3 - Sims 4: School - Evolution

The Sims 5 – Official Gameplay

Alpha gameplay of The Sims 5.
Commentary by:
Is this the real life… Is this just fantasy?

The Sims 5 - Official Gameplay

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¿Qué se sabe NUEVO de LOS SIMS 5? 😱✨ Multijugador, modo competitivo y MODO HISTORIA!!

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